Milan's Backvoices - a school project

It is a project for Milano world Expo 2015, and the theme is cultural heritage
The project is about telling personal backstories of a particular cultural site in Milan- Italy for example, the story of Titanic movie (personal love story (in my case the stories are facts).
The aim is to preserve intangible aspects of cultural heritage and by this means it will also give a new city interpretation from visitors.
My idea on how to reveal the stories are personal, intimacy, and serendipity.
My design language is poetic and secretively revealing.
Now I am stuck to define how to deliver the stories, will it be an object/space/communication? I am confused, before I end up designing public speakers in backstreet, but I don’t like it, neither do my professors.
Hence I need crowd’s opinions

  1. How would you like to hear the backstories in public spaces? Through an object /space/verbal communication?
  2. What kind of experience you would like to have before-while-after listening to the stories?
    Help me please !!!
    Thanks you so much

Please give me some feedbacks