Milano, Italia: Need help? – will work for FREE(ish)

I’m just a person with some spare time looking for an architect or designer based in Milan, who would like some help with writing up their projects, critiques or the like in English. Additionally, if you need extra hands with your lighter graphic work I’m also pretty proficient on Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

About Me: Fairly knowledgeable about architecture. I took a minor in the subject, I’ve attended short studio courses at SCI-Arc, and have worked for 2 firms in NYC doing the abovementioned. Once upon a time I dreamed of being an architect, but now prefer to live vicariously through those who actually did.

About You: Hopefully, doing some interesting work or competitions.

I should mention that I have a regular job, which means this is something I’d like to do on the side. Outside of standard work hours, my time is pretty flexible. I can also speak and write in Italian, although probably not well enough to be of any real use to you.

I’m willing to work for free, but a few extra €s are always nice in this city!!
Email me at: