Milan recomendations

Travelling to Milan for a week and was wondering if anyone had recommendations on interesting ID places to see and visit. Shops, studios, and museums

Or any other general recommendations… Bars Restaurants…

Unfortunatly, I guess you wont be there until the 18 and 23 of april for the “salone del mobile” which is an event not to miss at all. Normaly you have some good design expositions at the Triennale di Milano ( near the Castello sforzesco ( which is a castle in the hearth of Milan containing a lot of art oriented museums. Near that area you can also visit for free Archille Castiglioni’s studio (I think its still free). You don’t want to miss the duomo, the main cathedral of the city.

For shopping, consider Monte Napoleone street (San Babila subway station), wich is packed of Italian goodness. For cheaper shopping, consider Torino street near the duomo.

Buon viaggio!

+1 on Salone del Mobile.

If you can put your trip off for a month, it will be well worth the wait to go in April when the show is taking place…

I’m off to the Milan furni fair…having to camp outside the city as all the accommodation is sold out or silly money

My 2cents on Salone:

  • Spend half a day at the actual fair.
  • Spend half a day at the Satellite
  • Spend the rest of your time seeing the offsite events.
  • Make sure you hit the Superstudio in Zona Tortona. Best overall area I saw.

Milan designweek is like pure concentrated design-heroin. Shoot as much as you can, while you can.

How do you find out information about the offsite events?

All the major magazines (Icon, Abitare, Domus, etc) have free guides. I liked Icon’s guide the best. Also check out for a comprehensive list.

Will do.


check soon in this site:
you’ll have some hints and news.

see you soon in milan.

I’m pretty sure it on Via Napoleone, or at least north west of the Duomo is a light store with tonnes of crazy lamps, (there are two, almost across the street from eachother) it was one of the best places I visited while I was there.
The Triennale might have the New Italian Design exhibition, on which is pretty good, someone mentioned in a previous post. There’s also a store on the left of the Duomo thats near the rincentre just a small door but leads down to an large space with lots of new and old antique design pieces, very interesting!
I missed the furniture fair but heard it was really good, so you should try and catch that! enjoy.

the light store is called artemide (or brand)