Milan Furniture Fair 2011 Photos

Objects at the Milan Furniture Fair that seemed worthy of taking a photo. (and experimenting with the SlideShare plugin)


cool. thanks for sharing.

I was at that show a few a years ago and the vastness of it still haunts me. With a sampling this big, it’s interesting to me how some pieces stand out as being so “now”; that is, the aesthetics could only have been done in the last few years or so, very thin, or crisp faceted, or “apple-ish” while some things could have been designed decades ago.

Plugin worked pretty well. I got slightly bogged down trying to go though all the pictures at double-click pace, but I’d use it again.

Thanks for sharing these Shaw, some cool stuff.

Glad y’all appreciate it. Would like to see if possible to embed a larger version of the Slideshare plugin.

These below are my hands down favorites as ground breakers from the show. Resin soaked clothing molded into chair and tables, rich texture, keep going back to them. Uploaded in full res to show the detail of the surfaces.

It is interesting to watch certain trends grow, like technical rotomolding with upholstered structures. And the complete sophistication of multi-dimensional ultra thin plywood fabrication. There is so much to take in however that one person can just scratch the surface.

I’ve been there this year, and I was really impressed by SICIS’ stand, where they showed off their furniture collection designed by Christian Lacroix. Loved it. Here are some pics: