Mike's Portfolio Website


I have just uploaded my site and would welcome any comments good and bad.

Thanks Mike

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Looks good, feels good.

I would maybe add link to open a popup window with a high def of the portfolio samples. The images look a little small.

Why don’t you include a download link for your CV? That way it could be easier for people to see more if they are interested.

Another option is to include a link to your profile on linkedin.com

Good luck.

Thanks for your comments,

I have tried to make some of the images larger that are already there, and will add my CV shortly.

Have also set up a Coroflot account…

Starting to get into footwear design while I job hunt.

The portfolio navigation is a bit annoying, but probably ok for a student. The rest is nice and simple.

Good Luck.

I decided to redo my site, made the portfolio navigation better, and made the images bigger.


Updated with webdesign work and a few new projects.

i like the navigation except the fact that the user must look outside of the navbar for flipping th page in the portfolio… it’s that little half second where it’s like… where do i click to see more… then you find it over there on the left… everything seems pretty consistant except that…

also do you have any models?
hope this is helpful mike, as ill be posting my work soon and i like to give and get good\real feedback…

Nice! Like the simplicity and directness! Also, the orange is the perfect tone, not too “in your face”. One thing to mention, page 2 of your graphic art seciton does not display any picture. Finally, I have to agree with the others out there, the images could be bigger. But overall, great stuff! Love the watch idea and the mood lighting in handles (I’d like some of those!).