miix modular footwear

Happy to announce something I’ve been working on for the past 4 years just launched for pre-order.

miix is a totally new paradigm in footwear. Customizable, modular, direct-to-consumer and infinitely configurable. LEGO of sneakers, if you will.


I was/am responsible for everything from the strategy and positioning, branding and identity design, product design, development and engineering and general creative direction.

Unlike most versions of mass customization such as NikeiD, miix allows the user to create a living product that can be re-mixed at any time. parts snap together with a special chassis, magnets, snaps, velcro…Change your sneaker from low top to mid or high, change the style of the upper, add/remove accessory patches, straps, different tongues…

Once production is in stock (July), you’ll also be able to get any part or miix shipped immediately, rather than waiting the typical 4-6 weeks for NikeiD, miAdidas, etc.

Lots more process to come and will detail a more of the development and component design.

Any questions, please ask away.

duuuude! This is fantastic. You must be pumped. Is this getting on the c77 front page or what?

Thanks! I’m working on a bit of a case study/design overview and for sure will share with the Core77 front pages guys. Great idea!


Email Stu or Rain, this has front page feature written all over it!

Will do for sure, Michael.

Here’s some more process - a very early initial sketch exploring one approach to modularity…


Only had a few minutes to look at the site. First thought: Holy accessible price-points, Batman!! That’s should seal the deal for more than just sneakerheads. So many possibilities…

Congrats on this! Great work!

Great concept and incredible execution. Looking forward to seeing you crush it.

Totally awesome Richard! Love the presentation and website!

Loading times for the customization system are on the long side though. I wish there was a good solution for that when offering product configurators, but just something we’ll have to deal with it seems.

You’re 3D model is awesome! I would love more information about the format you used, what software it was modeled in, and if the product configurator is (based on) something that I can get my hands on. You might want to add a small notification that the shoes can be rotated in 360 degrees. I can imagine potential customers not giving that a try and never finding out that is possible.

Was the site custom created or is based on an existing system, like shopify for example? Any chance you can tell us a bit more about the design thoughts that went into the website?

Hi Philippe,

Website and configurator are still really in Beta/version 0.5 . Have a meeting with the team to review a 65 page PDF of notes I just made after launch full of comments and UI tweaks… will be constantly rolling out improvements and already looking at version 1.0 to launch once we have product shipping.

Configurator and site was totally custom and the rendering is based on the Unreal game engine I believe. Back end is Shopify.