Anyone attending?

Still pretty early but I was just wondering if anyone on here is attending. Looking to meet up and talk shop.

Chevis W.

I am going to the Mideast conference.

We have several clients in PA. I am hoping to maybe tie some visits and a conf together. If it works out I will let you know maybe we can meet and talk shop.

I dunno.

IDSA’s website has a list of speakers, but there is NO list of what their subjects will be.

There is also no “contact us” button on their website to ask.

Why exactly would I cover the expense if I don’t know what I am getting?

You are correct, I am still waiting for a fully developed list of speakers along with their topics before i decide if i am going to any at all.

I would hope that they have everything nailed down before the “early registration” date expires.

but also keep in mind many people attend the conf. more for the next working and less for the content.

That is part of my problem with IDSA. They love to say, “Its great for contacts.” All I hear is, “We offering you a really expensive cocktail party.”

Quite frankly, I can get more contacts with paying customers at a Cubs game or the bar at a country club. Hanging out with people similar to me is boring. I’d rather meet new and different.

Not dismissing any points above but just a personal experience (I was the Southern District VP for two years).

It is sometimes very hard to get a full commitment from speakers, especially the big speakers that you want as a draw. People say “Yes” but getting them 100% in place is hard. Even when they commit getting the title of the presentation and blurb for the topic material is like pulling teeth. This is one of the “fun” jobs of the District VP and hopefully the planning committee, who are also volunteers.

Been there done that as chapter chair… it is not a easy task to put on one of these events.

Especially when there aren’t funds to fly them in…

Organizing these things is a tremendous task, and a volunteer act of love. With so many moving parts I’m always thankful for the hard work of those behind the scenes. Several if my close friends have been organizers in the past and I was amazed by how much work they put in!

I just got another email form IDSA about this. It is one of many. This one is warning me the “low” price will be ending on Friday. I need to “Register today and join the dialogue for less!”

But IDSA has yet to inform me about what the discussions will entail. Nothing. Zip-ola. Nada. Zilch. Oh, except for [jazz hands]Contrast[/jazz hands].