Midwest Design

What’s up everybody.
Just wanted to start a thread about what are the hottest/hippest design companies in the midwest…NOTE: I realize this is a bit of an oxymoron, but just humor me.


HLB, Insight, PDT - Chicago
Nottingham & Spirk, Design Central, Fitch - Cleveland, Columbus

wow. That’s about it I think.


Some places off the top of my head, in different areas of design:

St. Louis: Art Chantry
Minneapolis: Fallon, Target, CSA Design
Chicago: Digital Kitchen, Sundberg Ferar, Citizen Band, Otherwise Inc.
Indianapolis: Thompson Electronics, Young & Laramore, Lodge

IDEO has an office in chicago

Chicago office closed years ago…

Sundberg Ferar is located a half hour outside of Detroit nowadays, in the suburb of Wixom, MI.

Is Chicago Mid-West? Isn’t it in the Eastern half of the the US? More like Mid-East?

Ummm… no. Chicago may not be centered visually, but by the accepted definitions of geography is the US, Chicago is most definitely in the midwest. Pittsburgh would be a “mideast” city.

A visual reference of generally accepted “Midwestern” US states:

Print that out and keep it in your wallet for easy reference.

I’ve always considered Metaphase to be top dog in St. Louis. They may not have the largest firm or the biggest name, but they have participated in some very interesting projects. I didn’t think it would be possible for a firm in St. Louis to have a client list with Gatorade, Oral-B and Rubbermaid. I am probably most impressed with their approach to product development. Though their products are interesting, styling is not high on the list of priorities. Ergonomics and usability are the cornerstone for their development.

My mistake. Silly me to assume the Midwest would be just west of centre

Illinois was considered the “west” before California was discovered.
man, you need to study history instead of designing all the time…ehehehe.
just kidding, but it was the Ol’ west before Cali.

There is a lot of overlap… some one should post some maps to illustrate correctly.

NORTHEAST has overlap with the GREAT LAKES region which has overlap with the MIDWEST.

All are accurate, but your perception is based on where you are from.

Brooks stevens design in the milwaukee area, one of the oldest in the US.

I’m confused, are we naming the “hot” and “hip” design firms in the midwest, or are we just listing *everything that exists in those states?

Just trying to clarify…can’t say I’ve been to every single firm in the midwest, but I’m not sure all of these companies are deserving entries to this post.

What deserves the tag of “hot” - in my opinion, its recent work in the portfolio…

Brooks stevens design is a HOT firm with years of experience. take a look at there portfolio pages. SOWEET place.

brooks is pretty cool. I wouldn’t say their products are hot… It’s midwest design for sure…

Can midwest firms pick up clients like west & east coast? How can they possibly do so??

Any thoughts on how to make this area more exciting - I think we’ve got a lot of talent - is it just no one wants to come here or do we not have the clients people want…

One thing is for sure though - midwest knows how to make a lot more money than some east coast firms - thoughts?

what is mid atlantic then?

Design Concepts in Madison Wisconsin.