MidEast District con

What is up with this? I am looking forward to going, but it has taken them a long time to get the schedule of lecturers up. It appears that few if any of the NEAR BY furniture manufacturers will be doing stuff with it. If you don’t know this conference is in Grand Rapids Michigan, right by Whirlpool, Herman-Miller, Ice Berg, a GM test facility, and Knoll just to name a few. When I heard it was going to be in GR I was so psyched that we might get to go to some neat studio tours and factory tours, maybe swing by Kendall College of Art and Design, who hosts ID, GD, and Furniture majors. It is at Central Mich Uni who might do packaging, Western and U of M dropped ID a few years ago. I just don’t get what is going on with this Con? You’d think they maybe able to get Scott Klinker over from Cranbrook, or if they want me to get all fanboy on it get Florence Knoll Bassett there.


I’m interested in attending this event…

I just noticed they posted their guest speakers (two); The other conferences have at least 4-5 guest speakers…I hope they will be able to obtain some other local talent. I originally thought the conference was going to be at Kendall, but I suppose they selected another location (Western Michigan - GR).

I will definitely be there (along with Dzigner from here), so we will all have to meet up. I also was a little disappointed by the lack of information given about the speakers and tours. Although, I always just attribute this on the fact that the district is always a little behind everyone else. They somehow always come through in the end.

Anyway, from what I had heard it was organized by some people over at Kendall, but they do not have the facilities to hold the event. The WMU building has the room, so they opted to go there for the event. I wouldnt be surprised if there is heavy Kendall involvement though.

I’m going. Already signed up.

I hope everyone is going to the MidEast conference! It is going to be a great event. There will be at least 7 total speakers and currently there are (4) posted. This years theme is “Faces of Design” it is all about the multidisciplinary nature of design. The Mid east may be a little slow to post speakers, but the speakers are always really good.

I can’t wait to go to this year’s Mideast conference! I went to last year’s and it was awesome! Mideast had some great speakers and I found it educational and entertaining. What a great way to connect with other people in the design communtiy. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves for this year’s event!

I’ve been around to a bunch of the national and district conferences and always think that the Mideast district conferences are done really well. Great speakers, nice venues and a good mix of students and professionals. Cant wait to go again this year!

This sub-event will be awesome : Networking DMZ (the demilitarized zone)
It’s "speed networking” for designers. Similar but not to be confused with speed dating. Get to know both professionals and students in a unique and fun way. You will have a chance to meet other designers you may have never approached before, and perhaps realize that we’re all very accessible! Leave this session with more contacts and business cards than your pocket can handle! After all, we’ve all encountered situations where it’s not what you know that’s important….it’s who you know!

Some great speakers on this list! I’m particularly excited to hear from Rick DeVos. He’s done some really cool things and will be inspirational no doubt.

Friday night should be great as well. Grand Rapids holds quarterly “noshnight” events that bring together the creative community…ie ID, Graphics, Illustrators, Architects, Artists, etc. There is another one planned for Friday the 30th in conjunction with the conference… with a “live design collaboration” theme! Awesome chance to connect with our friends in those adjacent disciplines!

What’s with all these first posters coming out to say how great the conference is? I have no idea about the conference either way, but it’s starting to feel like there are a bunch or conference organizers trolling the forum trying to hype it…

…just sayin.

If you work for the conference, and think it is great, I think you’d get better response by coming out and saying so, and why it’s a great conference than making up a bunch of fake new users to rant about it. I don’t know if that’s actually the case, and don’t want to make any unfounded accusations, you know what they say about walking like a duck…


Hey, I’m not hiding anything. I am chairing the conference. So please, if anyone has questions let me know! These things tend to run slower than most would like, because we are all volunteers. But at the end of the day, the Mid east prides itself on having good speakers that connect to the theme. That is the main reason we don’t rush the process.


Do you know who will be conducting the portfolio reviews at Amway?

Looking forward to hearing from Rick DeVos…

The primary contact person for the portfolio reviews is Carol Gill and her contact information is on the conference web site. I am looking forward to hearing Rick speak also, I hear he is really good! Did you get a chance to check out some of the other speakers? The final speaker count for the conference will be 10. The next group will be announced early next week.

Good, well that was easy. Should be a good time. I’ll be that guy with a tie on, say hello.

yes i will be there, continuing my streak of about 6 conferences now, i know some ol’timers on here can probably easily top that. Kinda cool that its local for me this year.

speaker lineup looks good, and some of the events should be cool. i just hope they arent all stuffy like they sometimes can be, im lookin forward to some music at the bob, and hopefully the sketch battle will have some energy to it, instead of just everybody in their jeans and converses standing in groups of 5 holding their drinks. We need to get the core77 roll call so we can all meet up, i already know a couple people on here, but i missed a chance to meet a few others at the design quest event last month.

I can’t hide since I am one of the speakers and my name actual name is the same as my Core name. Look forward to meeting some of you there.

Anyone have any info or pictures of the sketch battle location, i looked it up online and there was no pictures really, its a building of apartments/condos? im assuming they have a meeting room or we are using a big open apartment?? just curious.

I had a great time at the Mid East District Conference. Kudos to Kevin Shinn and all of the planning committee. I also greatly enjoyed Grand Rapids. When I lived their 20 years ago the downtown was dead. Now it is a vibrant area with lots of people. The Nosh, which is a local quarterly event for the creative industries was amazing and would be wonderful to have in other cities.

“Hello Mr. Fletcher”
I enjoyed your presentation, sorry you kind of got crunched for time.

Glad you had a good time, they are generally a good time, I’m just mad I couldn’t get more people dancing, although
Dziner82 and I definitely tried.

For the rest of you, when someone calls me “Mr Fletcher” like IDiot did, I say “That’s my Dad’s name. My name is Tim.”

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