Mideast Conference in Pittsburgh!

Just got word that next year (May 2009) the Mideast Conference will be in Pittsburgh, home to many great firms including The Cadbox. We will try and keep the community informed on our part regarding any happenings as they come up!

Hmm, Sounds fun (always is). Anyone know who is speaking / presenting?

Did a google search, no dice. Is there a site for this yet?

this is all the info I got so far

Mideast District Conference
May 1-3, 2009
Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel—Pittsburgh, PA

yea the mideast conference usually has no speaker info posted until about a month before the actual event. i also saw that it was in pitt. but i dont expect any other info for a couple months.

Is registration open yet?

Not that I know of. We are hoping to be a speaker at the event but have yet to hear back from the mideast manager. Either way, Pittsburgh is a great place with awesome firms (a few employees of mine have worked for) so get excited! :slight_smile:

This is coming up pretty soon is it not? We should organize a C77 get together for attendees.

I know some good restaurants and bars :wink:

I will be attending. All the info is pretty much posted now. I think im gonna catch the pirates game on friday night, havent bought tickets yet but plan on it.