Middle East Technical University (METU)?

Hi, in my quest for a undergrad programme in ID (after my Molecular Biology degree) I came up with METU (and Strate, and Les Atleriers, and Umea, and Lunds IKDC…etc)…

Now I could find a lot of info on the other schools but very little info on METU. I saw it ranked in 4th in the “well known” ID schools ranking some post down.

Strate and Les Ateliers are in French and I could try to unrust my french to go there… I like Strate the most but it is darn expensive (for my Portuguese perspective) and Les Ateliers doesn’t seem to be exactly what I want (I’m more into electronics, medical or transportantion).

Swedish schools requires swedish (i’m in Lund and they can’t accept me if I don’t know swedish) so they are not an option for the short term.

I know I should have enroled by now but I’m just planning to start in 2007/08 and will take this next year to work and get some money. But if any choices appears where I can still enrol (METU accepts applications until mid summer I suppose)

So, any opinions on METU compared to the others?