MID, MFA TUITION. What do you pay

Ladies and Gents,

doing some research on MID and MFA programs, but some of these school websites are WEAK!!! I have school estimates for all the programs I am applying to, but would like to know (if you are willing to share) what you acutally pay (not including your scholarships). Just post School, program name, and tuition and fees for one year. Dont include your living expenses- just what it costs to go to that school and graduate.

Thanks much.

Just call the schools up and order a catalog- that will break everything down perfectly.

I got myself a free MA- it’s called getting a Teaching assistantship.

Conscience is right- these aren’t secret.


DAE Non Dutch/ non EU resident

Tuition about $7000 per year.
Supplies and materials (don’t even ask- it’s just too painful)