MID at Philau or SCAD


I have acceptance for MS/MFA in Industrial Design course at Philau and SCAD.
My undergrads Bachelors on Engineering in Instrumentation and Controls.
SCAD has given me 2 courses of foundation work where as Philau has given me 1 full year of foundation work.
Though a big difference in conditional courses from both the schools can anybody shed some light on help me with choosing one school. Anyone who has preferably attended or taught at these schools.

How is the quality of work produced by both the schools with lab facilities and placements within the industry.

Thank you.

So have you decided what to do yet? I came around here with the exact same question. I’ve been admitted into the MS ID program at PhilaU and the MFA ID program at SCAD. I’m kind of clueless right now as well.

Hello Amar,
Well i have not made my decision as yet…still reviewing a lot of things…hoping to get some feedbacks… That will be another add-on for me to decide…Let me know with your progress…Al d best! :relaxed: