Microsoft vs Apple beef

Ok this ad is so ridiculous I had to start a topic:

It’s the most expensive rap battle I have ever seen. And I love Bill’s little cameo, we get it, he gets his own groceries like the rest of us… He’s fooling no-one, that bags full of $100 bills.

And as if TP has got time to worry about being a mac or PC between polishing his rings and doing Eva.

So yeh, if I wasn’t a Mac, I def am now, lame reply Microsoft, lame reply…

just to avoid any sides, i use both a mac and a pc.

but i disagree with you. microsoft has let itself be Apple’s whipping boy, just taking it as Apple puts out that slightly snarky ad campaign with the mac and pc guys. microsoft finally grows the balls to defend itself, be it passively, that theyre not just for IT guys. i think the ad is light hearted enough that it doesnt insult or force you to pick sides, like the apple ads do, and doesnt result in bashing another company, like apple does. not an amazing comercial, but likeable and humorous.

the whole pc vs mac debate is never ending, and each OS has its virtues and flaws. a lot of times people will be unhappy with microsoft no matter what it puts out, simply because of the preconceived name associations we have with the brand. (mind you i havent tried vista yet).

and im sort of neutral, with a small dislike for apple ‘fanboysm’, because i use a mac, and its not god’s gift to computing. its just a tool.

(mind you i havent tried vista yet).

I respected your opinion, until I read this. You’d be doing yourself a favor if you kept it this way. Microsoft never really bothered me until they bought out Vista, though to be fair I have only used it on entry-level laptops, which it is not designed for, but the fact that Microsoft allow these laptops to be put on shelves with an OS that is way to much for the machine just pisses me off.

But I’m no Apple fan boy. I grew up on PC’s and only just bought my first Mac this summer. I used to think all the Windows-bashing was a bit unfair, XP I could cope with, but after Vista, Microsoft and the decisions it makes just confuse me.

But back to the ad, sure, it could be worse. And yeh fair enough, they hit back, but in a very unoriginal way, its practically the Apple ad. I don’t find it very funny either. Apple adverts were toung-in-cheek, I own a mac, but I look nothing like the guy out of Dodgeball… Would just been cool to see Microsoft mix it up a bit, the ball was in their court, if they have to use Bill Gates, get him to walk in an Apple store and go crazy a little bit, film it, don’t edit it, let him loose… Or you could just pair him up with Jerry Seinfeld, genius.

But whatever, didn’t want this topic to turn into ‘Windows sucks, apple rules’ so quickly, just wanted to laugh at the little marketing war between jobs and gates.

i have heard of the gates-seinfeld ad, but havent seen it. im gonna look it up right now.

ok, everything you wrote i consider valid to this:

ballmer scares me. I like bill better.

The “I’m a PC” ads are a tactical marketing mistake–they’re lazy, reinforce MS’s image as a copycat, and just remind you of how great those mac ads are!

PC trying to tap into mac’s geek chick… hilarious. Totally agree CG. It just reminds you that the Mac adds are great, and comes off as a bit defensive.

Maybe watch this again:

So yeh, if I wasn’t a Mac, I def am now, lame reply Microsoft, lame reply…

My wife and I are both designers that use Mac’s. This Microsoft commercial came on one night While watching a movie. After the commercial was finished, we just looked at each other, laughed a little and at the same time said “are you serious?”

Should have used the DVR,

i actually thought the seinfeld ads were pretty good. the new ones, not so much. esp. after the quick canceling of the first ads and the PR spin “we meant to do that all along”.

IMHO< what MS needs to do is just reposition the brand in a different area than Apple. The first rule of marketing is to “own” a marketing position, and avoid competing for one. Trying to convince users that MS is for cool people and creative types as Mac has done is a recipe for failure. I’d rather see them work up the strengths of MS in the mission critical type of applications that it does so well in, such as space ship launches, medical, etc. sorta like those Duracell “at 500ft above a bushfire, the only batteries that the fire service relies on are…Duracell”, sorta thing.

reinforce the stereotypes, don’t fight them. that’s the real genius of the mac ads in pushing the creative and hipster aesthetic vs. the nerdy peeps.


Apple only has 20% of the US laptop and PC market share in the US, and just 10% globally… looks like Goliath is sweating David pretty hard. I hope their new products and platforms start doing the talking, those windows “Mojave” commercials aren’t doing them any favors either.

that’s genius.

maybe the problem with MS’s advertising is they have a cause in all contracts that states that any firm they work with can’t be a Mac house.
i kid, i kid.

i get what MS is trying to do with the whole im a PC thing, but it does come off a bit lame.

i have an issue with the whole creative = mac thing. do some creatives use Macs? yes. PCs? yes. So, shut up.

This morning I had a fight with my graphic design friend over these adverts. Is this really what we need?

Friends, colleagues, countrymen, lend me your ears. Can’t we all get along together, no matter what lame-ass OS we use? So what if I need to defrag every week? So what if you get a sad Mac and have no clue where the problem is on your computer? If you prick us, do we not bleed, etc, etc, etc?

Ubuntu ftw!

Whats interesting is the fact that one of the biggest selling features of the new Macs is the fact that they can RUN Windows. That has really helped boost their sales - esp in colleges where many Windows apps are required but kids still want hip laptops.

It’s funny when I went to college the cheapest laptop that would meet the minimum requirements was in the $2000 range. Now you can get a machine that does all that for less than half that price - means students/parents are using the extra money to justify the nice design of a Macbook over a Dell.

Macs have a brilliant set of software in specific demographics. But good luck selling the engineer, the gamer, or the accountant on the benefits of a Mac. But for grandma, Joe Q Teenager, and Artsy McGraphics they’re still the bees knees.

from youtube

adamgatenby (20 hours ago)
I’m a PC, and this Advert was made on a MAC! haha…

Meta data from original features of advert shows it was indeed made on a Mac Pro!

saw this somewhere else, a screen cap showing the image screenshot taken from original ad video was created on CS3 for mac or something, forgot, saw it yesterday.

it’s the deMACrats vs rePubliCans all over again, mac says we’re better than pc’s -speaking about the quality of the machines and software, MS says stop insulting the users. Mac uses the characters as personifications of the hardward/software experience, PC skews that argument as Apple dissing PC USERS…OMG when will it stop???

duplicate post…ooops

As with both major political parties, so many people feel compelled to be ferociously loyal to one or the other but, surely enough, being exposed to the inadequacies of both political parties and software/hardware platforms on a daily basis, I say they are all unworthy of defending to any degree.

Beef, shmeef. They all suck!

broken or not, worth defending or not…
you generally have to pick a team…

that is all

All I can say about that is that Apple acts like their sh*t don’t stink and that bugs me in particular.

I know what you’re saying.

I think that’s more the Apple fanatics, simply a larger # of apple fanatics than PC fanatics. As somebody said before, PC’s have users, Apple has fans.

Maybe it’s kind of like bands like Slipknot, the over the top fans make me want to hate the band and I can’t say I’ve ever listened to them, maybe not…

There was a kid I went to school with that seems to be a Microsoft fanatic, when Vista was about to launch he was all over touting how awesome it was…I found him much more annoying in that instance than any of the folks hyping leopard (etc)

btw…I’m a pc USER