Microsoft Designer : a new Design Platform

Came across this new platform Microsoft is about to launch.

Does anyone here know any more details about it? or have worked internally with it yet?

This looks to be an interesting platform infusing different aspects of design and making it easier for non-designer to communicate their idea.
Looks to be more on UI/UX side rather than ID though.

Looks like a Canva competitor with some AI driven auto-generation of both layout and assets. Useful if you have a brand you’re pumping out lots of marketing content for.

Just saw another post on LinkedIn, exactly comparing this platform with Canva. More like Microsofts advantage in releasing such a SaaS platform and destroying the competition

If it has Clippy I’m in! :rofl:



The clippy eyes used to be interesting for sure

The problem with anything Microsoft is ZERO expectation of Privacy or Confidentiality.

MS is fine for routine design assignments.

Everyone who works on things that need to stay confidential and away from risks like industrial espionage is on secured Linux computers.

You won’t find Microsoft anything used in roles where confidentiity has to be preserved until the design is made public.