Microfiber terry/Sourcing thread?

Is there a sourcing thread?


I am looking for a US manufacturer of microfiber terry fabric as a source of material for a client (preferably wholesale of course). The client company is smallish, and requires only a 50 yard roll (which is like 50 yards x 60inches I think) every month or so.

I’ve checked Thomasnet and all the other fabric suppliers the client currently uses to no avail. Does anyone know of any good resources for soft-goods material sourcing?

U-line comes to mind.

But so do BOUNTY paper towels. I discovered that they do not scratch, and are virtually lint-free; I use them when polishing out paint work. Just don’t use the first, or last, sheet; that bit of sizing they use to “glue” the paper to itself will totally ruin your 2000 grit finish.

LOL, what are you talking about?

I meant like 50-100 yard rolls. As in, when you are manufacturing soft-goods. See that’s me not giving enough information. I’m editing the original post to be more specific. Thanks for the effort Lmo, I do appreciate that!

At that qty, I’d just go to a fabric store.


sorry I asked I guess

Really, R? a fabric store? I am a little upset at that advice and I probably need to cool out.

Is getting fabric for a product some big secret? Are there any resources like thomasnet for soft-goods? What do these small messenger bag companies do?

Sorry I can’t help. I deal mostly with non-wovens. For wovens, I do use Guilford but they don’t make a terry. Sourcing textiles in the US is tough. Good luck.

I forgot, try Top Value Fabrics out of Indiana. They may be able to help.

50 yard roll (which is like 50 yards x 60inches I think) every month or so.

D’ohhh… … I read “terry” and my mind skipped over “fabric”. :blush:

With that kind of volume, buy it anywhere … buy a couple, or three months stock at a time, and save on shipping more frequently from a domestic supplier (?).

Although I certainly appreciate you wanting to buy American.

no, it’s my fault, I don’t think that first post was very clear. I’m down with anywhere, any ideas? I’m having a rough time getting connected with a supplier for some reason.

O and thanks iab, I’m totally checking into those two places you mentioned.

Top Value Fabrics out of Indiana

That’s pretty wild… Carmel, Indiana, my wife’s home town.