Michigan ID job market

I understand that there are many furniture makers out in western Michigan, as is Whirlpool. Is this all there is in this state? Should I be looking forward to an out-of-state move in 4 years after I graduate? I definitely do not want to move to a different country.

i’m from that market, just visited there last week. many of my friends are in ID there.

if you’re talking about WEST michigan, yes there is a lot of contract furniture in that area. whirlpool, bissel, stryker, johnson controls, tiara, s2 atwood, etc. etc. those are all in the area between grand rapids to the lake michigan shoreline. there are a lot of firms.

i left in '03. the economy was sliding and i’m not fond of winters there. after visiting last week, many of my friends were asking me about relocating (east coast vs west coast). still some like it there and do well.

you need to decide if the area appeals to you. if you want to discuss it, send me a private message.