Michael Young's amazing PXR 5 watch

Hi There - I just wanted to let you know that Michael Young’s amazing PXR 5 watch has just been released in black and will be for sale for the first time at Charles and Marie - www.charlesandmarie.com - on Friday!

If I buy one, do I get invited to the clubhouse?

Know of an incredible new jazz CD by an unknown group in Brazil? Do tell! You’re planning a Friday night out with your “little sister’s roommates who want to meet some hotties”? Name the time and place! Discovered a fantastic hangover cure with organic green tea and pomegranates that really works? Yes, please!

What a bunch of pseudo-elitist, vacantly aspirational bollocks. Fuck Charles AND Marie. Navigate your own bloody lifestyle, sheep.

This isn’t some designer posting. Its just spam.

at least core77 has moved up the Spam food chain, that watch is nothing special though. Played out.

the watch looks like they spent 10 minutes developing the aesthetics. Can’t imagine they’ll make much money on this object.

Man am I amazed about the level of ignorance on this board. Just fyi, Michael Young is one of the most sought after designers currently, he is a partner of Established and Sons and plays in the same league as Zaha Hadid, Alexander Taylor and others. Learn your stuff before you start to rant.


who gives a damn? posting this same shit all over the forum is SPAM SPAM SPAM.

Dude, I know who Michael Young is. It doesn’t make the watch any better. Product talks, ego walks. Saying this design is Ho Hum would be a compliment. It is an uninspired looking piece of design. Maybe it is nicer in person? But there have been dozens of similar watches floating around Tokyo for the past 5 years (and even more in Taiwan for like $30)

I would try pedaling your wares to a less design educated audience, try the subscriber list to the Design Within Reach catalogue.

I’ve deleted this post in the consumer products forum twice today. Note to whoever posted it:

If you don’t have something to add about this product, everyone will assume it is spam. Even if Zaha Hadid, Frank Ghery, FLW, Le Corbusier, Michael Graves or Michael Young designed it. I have designed new products that are coming out in a week or a month…I don’t post them here as news. If I have something valuable to point out about them though, I will.

Truth is I’d hate to see anything I designed spammed like this. My reaction is to ignore what I see blatantly shoved in my face. So even if this is a good watch, I’ll now ignore it.

most respected designers feel that they are only as good as their last project…not by how well they “market” themselves.

I’m not saying that Michael Young doesn’t have good designs, but this design looks like crap…horrible proportions, old/dated material finish, cramped LCD display; just poor design.

If you take the name designer away from this watch, you would have a $3.99 watch at a wal-mart check-out counter.

Again, Michael Young is a good designer…but this watch doesn’t match up to his other designs. In short, crap is crap even after being polished.

Some of his stuff really is pretty well detailed. I have not seen the watch but it looks sub-par.


Looks very Philipe Stark, only not as original.

Ugh. I guess someone has to cater to those who can’t decide on their own what to do with their life – these people seem to be useless, vapid socialites with a greater-than-averge superiority complex.

“Unfazed by gossip and no longer reluctant to let others into his life and truly extraordinary world”

Pisses the hell out of me.

Oh, the watch is also trite and derivative (take that, Marie, with your “frightful intelligence and prodigious vocabulary before entering kindergarten”, you conceited succubus)

Yeah, that rubbish pissed me off too, until I figured out they were fictional characters. That pissed me off in a completely different way, then it made me feel a little sorry for whoever came up with such a stupid idea. And the watch sucks too.

They’re fictional? I guess that’s why I couldn’t find a picture of them.

Hm. That’s…weird.

Yep, weird and desperate. I don’t recommend reading this immediately after dinner:


They’ll probably sell the POS for $100 million though.

“The watch is waterproof and it displays time and date – what more would you need?”

i can get a watch with the same function at the dollar store.

I will definately read that article tonite Guest, thanks for posting it.

You know…this is good news for us designers. I’ve been seeing more and more business suceeding outside of the “lowest price” comodity products. The best news for us is that those products are designed products. In the case of Charles and Marie, the products are simply the cave-man styling design excercises. But think of other cases, like iPod’s excellent functionality or the plethora of increasingly specialized products.

Now spam on the other hand, that is not design, it’s just annoying.