what can you say about studying art at MICA?

I just graduated at MICA. It is a really great school, but it depends on what you are planning to study. If you tell me mabey i can help you.

I live and Maryland and know a bit about the school. MICA has a great reputation for fine arts and education. They even have one of the bsst BFA/MFA combinations in various fields such as education. They do not have the same reputation in design. That said, they are really making an effort in the design field with their new building that will house graphic design new media design and I think annimation.

They also have one of the strongest offerings in liberal arts. They don’t just give lip service to the liberal arts but really try to integrate them into the curriculum. In fact, one of their vice presidents sits on the national accreditation committee of NASAD.

When a friend applied there several years ago, they were the third hardest stand alone art school based on SATs etc to get into after Cooper Union and RISD.

It’s not that big a school, and the area that they are located in is spotty at best.

I was accepted there but didn’t go, didn’t like the dungeon-like atmosphere and wanted to move away from home. The immediate area is nice, but don’t wander too far to North Ave at night, plenty of cop shows are based on the east b-mo area for a very good reason. They were talking about some new graphics and animation building back when I applied in '92, so I hope that’s an even newer one that taxguy is talking about.