MG Cyberster images leaked

Some patent images leaked of the MG Cyberster (I really hope that isn’t the production name! Yikes)

A small EV Roadster :eyes: @Mr-914 but only for Europe, UK and China…

Front 3/4 looks nice… tail lamps, ugh. I assume that is some kind of British flag reference? Interior looks like it has a yoke unfortunately…. Hopefully that will change.

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I like it. I’m like a man in the desert, I can’t be picky. I wonder how long it will take to get my work visa in the EU? hmmm.

I keep hoping that MG tries a NA comeback. I can’t believe they are that profitable in Europe, so they must have cash to burn. fingers crossed

The first thing that comes to mind in my yet-to-be-caffeinated-this-morning brain is that a C6 Corvette and a Maserati had a baby.

That’s not a complaint, mind you, I actually think it looks pretty slick, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down an EV sportscar, were it offered in North America…

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@Mr-914 @Scott_Sommerville_c4 I wonder how big it will be? From the images I’m thinking Fiat Spider / Miata? But probably won’t be that small knowing EV powertrains?

I get the sense that the MG4 will do well. 300 mile EV range for about $40,000…

We want one badly for the vacation home at the beach. There is a dormant public charging bay just in front that needs to get utilized. Hope there is some room for dog transport somewhere. And no I am not thinking of a rumble seat. :wink:

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there is always room for a dog :smiley:


I remember when Rover went bust. My dad had journalists calling him to see if he was ‘the’ John Towers of Rover infamy.
Such a shame what happened.

John Towers (businessman) - Wikipedia

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Better than Fawlty Towers I suppose :rofl:


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oh, growing up with the Surname Towers, I have heard all the jokes :wink:
Fawlty was a school nickname for a while

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@AnthT do you think people in the UK care about MG’s ownership or is it a non-issue? Just curious. I’ve encountered a few people here who say they would not want a Chinese made car… I usually just point to their phone and ask them how that is working out?

Yes, its the same here. Although with your phone analogy, looking at the back of my phone it says: -

Designed by Apple in California
Assembled in China

And I think that makes a difference with a lot of people. China is the factory of the world, but I still think design and innovation is not their strong point (for now).

Not apples to apples. Your phone doesn’t have to protect you in a crash.

sure it’s not apples to apples, but it is an example of a product people use everyday that has a lot of secure information on it and people rely on it.

But, apples to apples, this was made in China and:

“made in China” designed and engineered in the Sweden/UK

I reminds me of the first generation BMW Z4

Its a nice design with a vintage touch.

I like it better than the brutally futuristic cars some companies are producing.

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No surprises after all the leaky leaks. But still very interesting. Needs to be melon yellow, though.

Side note: At the moment I replaced all thoughts of a roadster at the beach with a new bicycle.
Fun to miles ration is hard to beat.

Down at the harbour I am actually faster paced than all the Jag, Merc, Aston tin-dresses for middle aged men. And I am already parked and on the Terrazza while those are still flaunting their muscle at 10 miles an hour.

But yeah, sounds like envy. :wink:

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I wonder how large this is? Is it Miata size, or is it Jaguar F Type size?

" Tag — The MG is an entire 2 feet longer than a Miata, over half a foot wider(7inches), more than 3.5 inches taller, and 1,734lbs heavier than a Miata"

More F type size,or Boxster.

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We won’t get it here in the US unfortunately… I don’t think any SAIC owned brands are currently sold in the US. Jaguar should license the platform… EV-type (womp womp) :grimacing: