MFA programs for those transitioning careers?

I’m a self-taught graphic designer feeling the need to get an MFA for formal training as well as a master’s level of instructor and peer critique. I don’t have a BFA, which makes me worry that I’d be outgunned if I applied to a regular MFA program.

Do any of you know of any graphic design programs, like RISD and Yale, that offer 3-year MFA programs for transitioning professionals like myself? So far, those are the only two I’ve found. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

p.s.–I’ve just submitted my app to RISD (wish me a metric ton of luck!) but missed the Yale app deadline.

First, you can get another bachelors with three years or less and have probably a more intensive education than an MFA. Did you know that?

Schools that you should consider might be Pratt Institute, RIT, and VCU. Check out Syracuse University too.

admision to Yale and RISD, hmm, how much cash do you have?

I was in the same position when I applied for my MFA. I looked at 2-year and 3-year programs, was accepted to schools in both categories, but decided on a 3-year program to build a better foundation for advanced study.

In addition to RISD and Yale, CalArts has an excellent 3-year MFA program. MICA also (I think) has a 3-year program and they usually have a late application deadline (if you wanted to submit an application.)

Where all did you apply? Hopefully some 2-year programs. Formal training is only one of many things schools look for in grad students!

Best of luck!