MFA in Graphic design, in NY or california?

hi everyone…

I’m a graphic designer, with motion graphics interests.

My options: (If there’s betters, let me know)

N.Y. : Pratt _ Scholl of arts
California. : CCA California College of the arts _ CALARTS

You know about this universities and programs?
I’m looking to know about the teachers !!! you know any? How good or bad are theme?

What do you think?

I have been in all this places and so far CCA is my 1 option (for location).

NYU’s ITP program, maybe

Art Center
Otis (not sure they have grad)

I’m in the MFA program at CCA. Just know if you apply here that it is NOT a graphic design graduate program. It is interdisciplinary. You can take courses in ID, Arch, Furniture, Graphic Design, everything, plus there is a set curriculum that is theory-based.

Cheers and good luck on your descision. CCA is treating me well and the instructors are great with good connections.

SVA doesn’t really teach motion graphics on a graduate level. The Design program has a class or two. The Computer Arts department is more 3D, animation, interactive media (as opposed to After Effectsy film title sequences and such.) The undergrad dept has more motion graphics, I think.

Check out the MFA at the Academy of Arts University (San Francisco), its curricullum is longer than most Universities but well worth it! Students are comming out from that school with killer portfolios and incredible knowledge.

The Academy of the Arts is horrible. CalArts in Valencia (just outside LA) has one of the best programs in the country.

RISD just instituted a graduate program in digital media. I don’t know much about it,but if RISD is involved, you should check it out.

Pratt has strong offerings in everything. Don’t know much about CalArts.

SVA is also strong in animation since they started as a cartooning school.

You might want to check out SCAD. They have one of the only sequential art programs in the world.