Mexico: The new China

Well, you’ve all read the article where the editor of Wired quits his job to found a drone company, and end up manufacturing in Mexico, right?

Here is the article in case you missed it: Opinion | The Tijuana Connection, a Template for Growth - The New York Times

I work at a design consultancy. We typically work with vendors in China, USA, and Canada. We design medical and consumer products.

The ask:
We have recently tried to do a vendor search in Mexico but have come up short. Can anyone point me toward a contact that may be able to help?

My current project is a consumer device with electronic guts, injection molded parts, and some bent sheet-metal.

thanks, david

Funny you should say this, I actually know a few companies that moved from Mexico to China to get better quality. I’m sure it goes both ways, more than ever vendors are individual companies and may or may not meet your needs wherever they are. =)

Hi David,

I can only speak from my experiences in Mexico (both Guadalajara and Mexico City) over the last 15 years or so.

We’ve found both small and large tier manufacturers in China (and Taiwan, Philippines, etc) as teachable industry - they are interested in picking up our knowledge of the small details that make products world class - and with some education they pick it up and do their best to keep quality high. We have not witnessed that in Mexico - instead we’ve found a much more laid-back approach that has required repeated follow ups for quality issues.

In particular to your product categories, we’ve nearly abandoned having electronic or mechanical products made in Mexico. We consider Mexican manufacturing appropriate for soft goods, packaging, giftables, furniture, etc.

Again, just my two cents and with enough searching and vetting your experience could be better.