Mexico & Canada

I live in Canada and have never met a Mexican, that’s strange don’t you agree?

Here I am mate…What can I do for you?..I m an industrial designer in Mexico City…

I am guessing you dont live in TO or MLT, right?

As I said, I live in CANADA!
what, you cant read?

Well, you could be more especific…what about: “I live in Canada and never met a mexican who lives here”…but anyway I just wanted to be nice, know I can see the kind of people you are…have a nice life. :smiley:

CHEECH could write a new song about this!!

Mexican Canadian. . . . Don’t like to go out in the morning . . . . because it’s cold . . . . and it’s early. . . . . and there’s snow…

(Cheech & Chong, if it went over anyone’s head)

Chong is Canadian! funny but true!

Hahhahaha, Tommy Chong used to live across the street from my friend’s house in Vancouver

I understand where you’re coming from!!! I grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and I seriously knew TWO Hispanic people until I moved away from my hometown. The major downside to that is I am now working in a region that is heavily populated by Hispanic people, and I wish in the worst way that I could communicate with them. I’m sure that within the next year I’ll take Spanish classes…