Have been looking at the Metu website.

Can anyone tell me how Industrial Design at Metu compares to the likes of Tu Delft, NCAD, Tu Eindhoven, IT Carlow and Design Academy Eindhoven?

The cost seems to be at around 800 Euro or less per semester? 2 semesters in one year? Therefore less than 2k for one year?

What’s it like to study there? I would be worried I might feel out of place/get home sick even though I consider myself a traveller.

How is ankara in their attitude towards women? I know turkey is relatively easy going in comparison to other middle eastern countries but still I think it’s understandable as a woman to be concerned about this?

Really it looks like the course is 5 year ie undergraduate plus graduate?

Anyone know how easy it would be to transfer after 2 or 3 years back to Ireland or Holland if I wished to do so?

I cannot impart any information regarding how METU compares to the schools you’ve listed however I do know that METU is regarded very highly in Turkey, it is in fact one of the best universities.
as far as Ankara goes, Ankara is fairly small. It is often depicted as somewhat of a gloomy city, but living in Ankara is greatly beneficial in the sense that, the traffic is relatively light, distances are short, it’s easy to find your way around. In regard to cultural activites, it is getting better with time. In any case, if you find Ankara to be becoming monotonous, Istanbul is only a 5-hour bus-ride away, and you can’t really go wrong, if you’re looking to have fun.
Turkey is, unlike what may be presented in the media is a secular country, and while the eastern cities are more conservative, in a city like Ankara, you should not have any concerns over attitude towards women. Also, a number of other universities are located in Ankara, which means there will be a large number of students in your environment.
Lastly, I am not sure about the tuition fees, although the information you have is probably right, as METU isn’t a private school, the prices are likely to be low.