Methods to increase exposure

I wanted people to share their thoughts on methods to expose a survey to a wide audience via the internet.

I am not talking buy a service that will send it out to so many people for a service fee. Most of these are money scams anyway.
If you have to do the “web” work yourself what would be some good methods?
Brainstorm with me

There is e-mail:
Yeah, this sound good in theory, however, if you don’t want to bother your friends or other contacts, you’ll have to go hunting for addresses, and well this can be a feat onto itself. Most site with email address listings have you to pay to have access.
Could you ask people for their email, sure you can, the chances of you get some are slim.
“Google”ing random names- you will get addresses, however they usually end up not working.
Any other ways around these problems?

Postings on website(s):
Okay this is probably the most thought of and easiest way to get exposure for a survey.
However, what if you don’t have your own site? Are there those out there willing to post a link on their site by request? Are there site that let you post your survey for others to take openly? (looked for some but really didn’t find any)

Posting on forums:
This is an interesting approach but in a lot of instances you would be considered a spammer. Not cool, but it can be worth it. There are some forums that don’t mind so much.
Pros: exposure/ Cons: limited exposure. Most forums are subject specific. And there is no guarantee that enough people will see it. Will still get some hits (theoretically)

Have any ideas Please feel free to share them.(constructive of course)