methods of job searching

As with a lot of others on here, I recently graduated with a BS in ID and have been on the job hunt. I wanted to start a thread to see how others look for jobs on the web, not talking about networking? I usually check Coroflot and Indeed. I gave up on Monster for design jobs, way too much junk. I check other sites like for any posting in the outdoor industry, but for other areas of industrial design, like lighting/lamp design what are ways that you all look for those companies? I used to limit my self to my city/state, but now looking pretty much everywhere.

Tap into the ‘watering holes’ and resource help from others when possible…

  • Hash tags on twitter (#designjobs, uxjobs etc). If you use twitter, then you know hash tags are very useful for aggregating content and making it searchable.
  • Linkedin (can apply for jobs via linked in profile)
  • Recruitment companies. Put yourself in front of recruiters as much as possible. ie: send them your name, link to portfolio etc. for they are hired by companies to find talent.
  • Go to company websites you want to work at and sign up for job alerts- if they have them.

A lot of my classmates used the Core77 Design Directory to find internships Be creative and look in places others aren’t looking. To be honest I found my last internship through a Google search for “packaging design Arizona” It’s also useful to ask the people from the year before you about where they worked and whether or not the recommend the company as a good place to work for. Just keep searching and good luck.

Get your work out there and noticed. Put projects on networks like Behance. Promote yourself by doing interesting things. If your work is good, the work will come.

Search for companies you want to work for and get in touch, find on linkdin the responsible person for design and send an email. The more the better. Try to get invited and get as much response as possible.

Go to events and network.-- even if they are not a 100% match for your profession as there might be people there who actually are in your profession or know someone who is.

I went to ASME meeting at product design firm. They were presenting on the lessons a small design firm could teach a large corporation. I was sociable and asked questions. I ended up talking with a random guy who turned out to be the president of the firm asked me to send him my resume. I have been there 3 years now.

I have had good luck at trade shows. I also way heavy on connections I have met previously. I don’t like applying online it tends to have a bad return on investment of time. Instead of spending hours online I would rather spend hours finding that one person who can give you that job.

Agree. It’s how I’ve found some great jobs. But I won’t tell you what I did, figure it out for yourself - think creatively - I had to! :laughing:

networking helped me with get my last summer internship. I have been putting work up on various sites like behance. Trade shows are a great idea as well, even thinking about flying out to the Outdoor Retailer show to see about networking, still not sure If I will be able to walk around though.

You need a pass for outdoor retail but if you can talk someone into it they may give you a pass. If you have any outdoor experience you can sign up using pay stubs. If you PM I could share more about some other ways to get into a trade show.