Methods of COLORING STEEL....?


Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on coloring steel? I am currently working on a project and had some samples done using ELECTROPLATING…unfortunately this process just doesn’t cut it. It scratches off WAY TOO EASILY!!! I am trying to get more of a “maglite” look and finish, but cannot find any info…any help would be mucho appreciated! THANKS ALL!


Investigate Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). This process is used nowadays for decorative metallic coatings on faucets, door knobs, and architectural hardware.

I am looking into PVD for plastic metallization. Since we are not making use of the charging capacity of a metal this process needs a primer and because the metal layer is very thin also a top lacquer. It is possible for ABS, PA/nylon, PET, PC/ABS, PEI and PS. Can this be done environmentally friendly and result in a food safe part?