Method Dish soap valve?


I am looking for a manufacturer or simply the correct terminology for that valve that is on the bottom of the Karim Rashid dish soap dispenser for Method. It is the Anus like one that is the thin plastic membrane that opens once you squeeze the bottle to a certain threshold. I think a couple toehr manufacturers are also now using this method of closure (or lack thereof…)



I don’t know a manufacturer, but powerade also used a similar valve on some of their sports bottles. (still may, not sure) The powerade one is a little more mass market, and might make an easier search.

I’ve heard it called a “cat’s ass valve.” (Seriously, I heard this in a meeting)

I’ve also heard it just refered to as a silicon valve…but that’s kinda’ vague.

The silicone valve was originally developed by Zeller but now also made by Seaquist Closures, maybe others