Hey there,

this is my second account here, as I can’t reach my old “mikedee” account anymore. Not sure why :wink:
So if you remember Mikedee, it used to be me.

I am concept designer (ie Terminator Dark Fate, Love Death and Robots season II) and a researcher currently undergoing doctorate studies, where my subject matter is visual ideation in design process. (With a toping of cognitive sciences)

Happy to back again!


Do you still have access to the email associated with Mikedee? If so I can help you resurrect that account.

Would really like to know more about what kind of research, findings, lit review you are doing in this course of study. Sounds fascinating.

Many many thanks!
I should have an acces to that email.

Thank you! I will certainly do!

So, here’s the first opportunity to learn some more about my research activities: Inside Futurelab: Meta Sketching – guest presentation by Mike Jelinek – Ars Electronica Home Delivery

Check that email, look in the spam too. You should have a reactivation request.

Is there any chance you will re-record this presentation with higher audio/video quality?

So, ArsElectronica re-edited the recording, and it should be a bit better: Inside Futurelab: Meta Sketching – guest presentation by artist and designer Mike Jelinek - YouTube

I knew electroconvulsive shock therapy is something you undergo, I didn’t know the same applied to doing a PhD :wink:

But that is an interesting topic. It would be also interesting to explore therapeutic effects of design sketching, in the context of creative therapy.
Not only does it physically connect mind and body, it also takes the practitioner into another, creative, context, outside of the life of personal troubles of the patient.