Metals Vs Plastics

Can anyone tell me the name of the company that would best handle the metals v plastics debate (for strength and durability) in the greater sydney area

metals v plastics debate (for strength and durability)

kind of a nebulous question, but one that any competent engineer /engineering firm could handle … given more parameters to work with.

In general, yes, metals are better than plastics for strength and durability. A part made of solid tungsten will be stronger and more durable than one made of LDPE.

This isn’t always true: a part made of tin will probably be weaker than one made of some kind of glass-filled nylon (say GF30).

Your question is really far too vague. Cost, weight, heat tolerance, elasticity, deformation, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, acoustic qualities, thermal conductivity, strength in tension/torsion/compression…

More parameters!