Metallic finishes for Mobile Devices

Im am working on a mobile enclosure design. Im looking for metallic paints but it has a number of anntennas so know I need to be careful when specifying the paint so it doesnt create interference with the RF or block it.

Im looking for any technical information related to this metallic RF safe paint which is used regularily on mobile phones and tablets. US suppliers, terminologies, specs, anything helps.


A paint supplier should have all this info.

You won’t find a true metallic finish that will work, but they do have several nice shades of paint in various silvers and grays that can be used.

There are also non-conductive vacuum metalized finishes that can be done.

If you are working with a manufacturer they should have preferred vendors for paint.

Its the shades of silver Im most interested in. We are currently exploring options using mica flake but with limited success.

We have also contacted the paint mfg $ikkens and they have indicated that they dont have any metal free metallic paints.

I dont know if the reference to brands is acceptible on this forum but if it is, specific paint mfg’s would be a great help.