metal rose

Due to the sucsses of the brace and the pleasure I get posting it, I decided to start a new project I called [the metal rose].
Hope u like

so…uhm, what happened to putting all of these misc. images into a single post?

I think the suggestion by YKH in an earlier thread was smart. You post so many new threads so frequently that I think people tend to stop looking at them. This way if you had a running thread, people might check in on your progress and you might get more feedback. Going your current way I count 8 threads of yours with no response. I’m sure you are looking for some feedback or something.

Just a thought.

I agree with Yo, a collection of your work would be better.

Also try to lose the backgrounds, stick with a base, keep it simple- and 2 directional light sources as suggested earlier.

Try upping the pixels, they all look to ‘edgy’.

Maybe try placing a few in an environment using Photoshop…?

I agree - one post would probably be better than multiples.

Also, try placing the objects into a white/less distracting zone. You can still build environments around the object to give realistic reflections, but the busy backgrounds distract from the actual object, IMO.

A question for you - why do you choose to render in Bryce? I use Rhino and prefer Flamingo for renderings (it is a bit slow, however).

From now on a long continous post