Metal laminate

I am looking for a piece of wood,(MDF?) that has a metal face. A friend mentioned this type of material to me a few years ago and I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone have any link or source as to where I could find such a material? i plan on using it to CNC a sign.

Sheet metal + MDF + Glue = Product.


Besides the obvious response from that guy…

Formica, Wilson Art and the other large laminate brands (their names escape me) all have metallics - stainless, copper, brushed, etc. That with a little contact cement should do the job. I believe that is how a sigh manufacturer would do the job.

Maybe you can check out the stuff called AlucoBond, thin aluminum face with a black plastic core, probably would make a great sign, especially outdoors where wood might not hold up. Typically used in architectural cladding, and a useful material to be aware of…

cool stuff, thanks for the help