MESH01:Co-Creation Platform

Several weeks ago while in NYC I had met with Stuart and Allan from the Core 77 Team to introduce MESH01. We not only talked about the concept but we also discussed community development, integrity and providing value to members. Thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. After, they suggested I reach out to Michael DiTullo. Recently we connected to talk in greater detail about the concept, the Core 77 community and how we may be able to connect.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to MESH01, a platform we recently launched to provide established or emerging designers with the opportunity to get your stuff out there and seen by leading and emerging brands. Your insight and feedback will be critical as we collectively shape and develop MESH01 into a valuable resource for information, feedback, collaboration, exposure, opportunity and, yes, even cold hard cash. We are committed to make MESH01 a co-creation platform that will link designers and brands globally to research, design, create and launch some of the most innovative products – but we’ll need your help.

What you see today was created by some of the best technology partners I could hope for. It’s a great start but there’s much more to come. The team behind MESH01 has over 25 years experience within the footwear industry ranging from manufacturing, sourcing, materials, technology, product development and design. We are working with a sales team strategically located in all of the major footwear hubs around the world and they are spreading the word to creative directors and product managers at all of the leading brands.

We welcome your involvement and encourage your feedback and insight to help us to understand what is valuable to you so we can deliver on our promises. Please email me directly at or post in forums.

Also please visit for more information. We are currently hosting a Portfolio Competition with D’Wayne Edwards, Creative Director at Jordan for the launch of his footwear dedicated design school PENSOLE offered at the University of Oregon. We are very excited to be involved with D’Wayne and this program.

Thanks again to the team at Core77 – your community definitely rocks and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.

Hey everyone. As Brian stated he has been chatting with me and the rest of the main team at core77. I spoke at length with D’Wayne Edwards, Design Director of Jordan, last night about it. The opportunity to get a scholarship to his PENSOLE school is pretty awesome. I think there is one scholarship up for grabs on Mesh, but I think there might be room for more if the talent is there, so I encourage a lot of the guys who are really trying to break into footwear to give it a shot! D’Wayne will be pulling in some heavy sponsor for the program.

Also, this is a new thing, and I think Brian is very open to your thoughts on the site, how it works, and how the general idea is set up, so feel free to discuss here or privately with Brian as he mentioned in his post.

Good luck to those who participate! And remember to keep sharpening your skills in the sketch fu discussions and getting feedback here on the forums.

This sounds great but i went to the website and it seems like a student/freelance based program??
I would like to hear/learn about how this initiative can be beneficial to corporations or even working professionals to be involved, actually i shouldnt say that because i see the benefits but i guess its more like How can a corporation or professional get involved?
I assume something like this is going to rely on or at least benefit from shoe companies getting on board and sponsoring competitions?

Thank you for the post. If you are referring to the PENSOLE footwear design program at the University of Oregon, you are correct in that it is for students worldwide.

In the 2nd part of your question we are actively pursuing and already in discussions with some of the largest and niche brands within the Sports Style industry who are interested in posting competitions. As a result both designers and brands will benefit.

Under About Us on the MESH01 site there is a brief overview of benefits to both designers and sponsoring brands. Each will have their reasons for getting involved depending on their needs and desires. Designers would have the ability to select the type work they would like to do, for who (brand, category, specific sport etc…) and are most efficient. As we evolve these choices will become even greater. Earn additional income, opportunity to present themselves to sponsoring brands, sharpen skills on areas otherwise not exposed to, recognition within a global design community, maybe even sponsor a competition themselves to generate concepts to assist with their design efforts etc…For Brands gaining access to global talent they may otherwise not have access to, handle swells in design requests, spread design talent equally across all product categories, bring in outside inspiration, stir creativity, compliment internal design teams efforts, identify and hire new talent, etc…

Hopefully this addresses your questions and once again thank you for taking the time to write. We are open to all feedback on how we can create and deliver the greatest value to each of you. Thank you.

I’ve registered and look forward to hearing more about the platform.

If you could speak to the two main concerns in any endeavor like this, it would be greatly appreciated-

  1. Compensation. Is this spec work (very bad), or does everyone who contributes get paid (work for hire), and if so on what basis?

  2. IP. How do you or the companies handle IP rights for work submitted or accepted?

Also, can you please clarify if the “competitions” are indeed competitions, or actually companies looking for creative for use (goes back to point #1 - spec work).

I couldn’t find much description of how things actually work on the website… it seemed a bit fuzzy. Perhaps you can run us through the mechanics of a typical “competition”, from the brief, to participation, payments, final work IP, client involvement, “co-creation” process (have no idea what this is)…



Thanks for the questions…

The goal of MESH01 out of the gate is to create a platform that connects designers and brands worldwide and how they connect and are compensated will vary depending on the type, duration and complexity of the project. Not all competitions will be for everybody.

Understand the importance of your question regarding IP Rights. In it’s simplest for if a brand pays for a design they own it to use, modify, etc… If they do not pay for it the ownership remains with the designer.

We are in the earlier stages of site development so not all functionality/process is quite there yet. Over the next 6 weeks you will see more significant changes/enhancements. We wanted to reach out earlier than later to begin to gain feedback to ensure we are moving in the right direction. Appreciate the patience here as we progress over the next 1-2 months.

Typical process would be as follows: Brand post brief (public or private), designers that wish to compete register and submit, submissions are scored by established brand judges and in some cases the community. When scoring they are answering questions regarding the design and posting comments as feedback for the designer. Winners are selected, designer signs IP Transfer Agreement and are paid for their work. In addition to the general process, forums will be set up for each competition so that brands and designers can communicate and ask questions. This is a very high level overview and again each competition will vary depending on the desired results.

MESH01 is moving to develop a true Co-Creation Platform where a more diverse group of individuals such as designers, engineers, consumers, athlete’s, fashion enthusiast, etc…) Collaborate, influencing the development and launch of new products.

I had lunch with Brian from Mesh this week. He has some really exciting stuff coming.

I’m surprised you guys have posted more questions and comments? The PENSOLE portfolio competition is an awesome opportunity to spend a few weeks with D’Wayne Edwards and learn from a bunch of industry veterans. I hope you young guys are applying! What do you think?

i’m definitely applying!

Was concentrating on bike parts for a year now.
But used the top(banner) link and signed in and entered the AMG comp.
Looking forward on how things evolve.