these are my first couple thumbs- an pretty loose at that, my first are usually too busy an ghost lines all over the place- they are kind of scattered in inspirations- went off many parts of the car not just an exterior view- but also attitude an speed. In these first couple thumbs no real holding back (even if it looks like a bunch of bubbles) I say throw all out there an then make choices. I would like people’s thoughts- will post more this weekend- need sleep



good stuff mark,
like you said everything is pretty loose so ill just try to give you my initial reactions. i like the variety of styles that you explored in the first set of sketches, throwing everything out there. i think you really started to hit the mark with the third sketch down on the right after there is a split into two columns…lol, if youre going to post 40 sketches you should number them…j/k…anyway, even though its quick and loose, i think it gives a good feel of interior and exterior materials and i like the semi lace cover that appears to be somewhat transparent…anyways, looking forward to seeing more and finding out which direction you’ll choose.


:astonished: Damn…!
I don’t know how you guys do it - how can you produce such good thumbnails & then just abandon them to go in a new direction? I mean, the 1st, 3rd, 7th, & 8th ideas are too good to let go of without pushing them farther. Do you ever go back to your old thumbnails & flesh them out? Do you keep them handy in case they fit the bill for another project. I personally can’t stand to let go of a good idea. It will gnaw at me until I can make time to fully explore it.


thanks for comments- agreed on numbering-will do for my next concepts. that sketch you mentioned was my last sketch- before scanning a couple an posting-def. will keep tugging at that idea.


Sometimes some of the thumbs are left out- but most of the time i will run through them an see what i could clean up an work with. But mostly start fresh on every new proj. Personally I have ADD when it comes to sketching an ideas- it becomes hard for me to stay on one concept for very long- because while I am working on it I usually have an Idea to change it or do something completely new. I have also started to keep all my sketches organized in plastic sheets an in a 3 ring folder. It makes it alot easier to carry around an have them not loose all over the place. all the stuff you see is for fun - an just trying new things. At work I don’t get a chance to do this more athletic stuff- or try things like this ( doesn;t really fit our customer). An so i still want to be doing things like what you see, an so sometimes after work or later that night before sleeping will take amin an sketch out somethings that i would like to do, an KG has really helped with that. It has given me more of a direction to explore when doing freetime work-



Nice work!!!

Nice work!!!

I’ll leave that accidental double post by B because it is so e\well deserved.

For me, at this level of sketching is where design happens. Everything else is execution, implementation, refinement, and finnishing. All super important, but we don’t share this stage enough do we?

Onto the designs. For me the 2nd and 3rd sketches really speak to the low, simple, fluid form language of MB. You don’t want this to be like a Fila Ferrari, where the only thing that connects the shoes to the cars are glossy red finnishes (which make them foot incubators) a logo, and a literal air vent. No offense to the guys who design those, I saw a lot of the initial directions behind those and know there was some good thinking there.

Personally I also like those two sketches because they are clean, stylish, and well proportoned without being overly techy, or overly styl conscious, like a MB car. Classic, solid, well sculpted, athletic under the surface.

in respose to Robin’s comments. I dunno, I find myself compulsively thumbnailing 30 directions or more on every project. It helps me know that I am developing my best idea.

the last sketch is awesome

How will you make it convertible from a mid to a low? unless you plan on keeping it a secret until the finals :wink:

no secret- got a batch of about another 25 coming up for ya by monday- just gotta scan- This is what I love- to post an show- an get feedback- this is how you grow aswell. Its more than just a contest-an rendering in photoshop- should be pushing you guys- try new things experiment- this is the best time to do it before maybe you are locked down in a situation at a job-- plus if you give out all your ideas- all that will do is force you to come up with new ones-

mid-to low- or maybe how does it feel with the wind in your face while you are driving with the top down? I dunno never had a nice car- but looks nice- I want to capture that-power-openness- air to breath-smooth-fast-sophisticated- all into it rather than it has two circles for wheels on the profile I need to have two circles for a profile on my shoe-look at it as more than a physical inspiration- an maybe a mental one- an you might get more out of it?

thanks on comments- agreed with yo- sketch my brains out- an then even with a final still revising an updating- although sometimes have to revise an put out in a couple of hours- no choice…



The AJXXVI low went from somewhat of a mid to a low. A large panel actually flipped down and two magnets on the either side of the eyestay and a stretch area on the heel held it in place. I’m sure there are like infinite other ways to do it.


I’m also doing the low/high top convertible shoe inspired by mercedes.
Mine will be an implementation of the Jordan 16 in a slightly diff way. I will post when finished…

What I’m a bit concerned about is the fact it should be inspired by mercedes…I brought some elements in, even in a structural way but I used mercedes as an excuse to bring certain things…the shoe will be differently branded, given the clean lines and some details it could be only ONE brand (winged man…).

So here is the question…how should I take the inspiration issue? Or better, what is the difference between a THEME and an INSPIRATION, in the real footwear industry? Which kind of briefs are given to designers?

Thanks in advance.


some more-sketches-

still have to scan some more in-

thoughts on these…



i would be interested to hear what part of the mercedes car has inspired you?

i think you got some great sketches and concept (very jordan), but personally i cant see MB in any of them?

an MB deisgn looks a lot harder, more sleek, more edge, less blobject… german teutonic, power, speed, engineered… (owned by chrysler, i kno).

jsut my 0.02.

btw- if i have some time i might thrown down a few sketches. i kno its rude to comment without posting something of my own. just thought the constructive criticism may help add another perspective.

I think you spark a few crisp lines of the Mercedes CLS into the toolin on concept 1 and your done.

You know, it is a starting point, a spring board. I think it shouldn’t be to literal, the viewer should discover the connection, instead of the connection hitting you over the head. Like the presto watch, or the mini watches.

I would develop 2 and 5 because I like the forms in the midsole. In concept 2 I like how the oval shapes protrude from the surface like mini volcanos, the robustness of the design works for me. It would also be nice to see some bright colours, patterns or graphics on the internal surfaces of the oval forms. I see potential in the the bottom left sketch because the midsole works as one piece and has a nice flow to it.

Your concepts remind me of the hollow shapes of newsons furniture -

i totally agree it shouldnt be a literal translation. for god sakes just dont add spinners like that horrible and1 shoe!

still, i think being a theme project there should be some link more than just a logo. the “hummer inspired” (or so they say) Lebron shoe is a good example. takes some cues, shapes, themes from the car into the shoe, and carries throughout the robust, strong quality of the suv through a bulky midsole and wider last shape…

i do like some of your designs (especially the first, more clean drawings of the second round). i am just feeling a little too much oakley or JB to be mercedes IMO.

keep up the good work!



That and1 shoe sounds funny, i’m gonna have to track that down.

When I look at these sketches I ignore the benz theme completely, and instead focus on what will make for an original and interesting piece of footwear. Thats the goal for me, The benz theme is too resrictive and not very inspirational, hence why I decided not to take part.

It also comes done to personal interpetation of merc sl series. DV’s vocabulary incorporated the words sleek, speed and attitude to describe the sl, I would substitute speed for leisurely and sleek for robust.

my 5 bucks

I agree- the physical aspects of the Mercedes an my concepts is abstract to none in some. but like mentioned about I want a mood captured from Mercedes- I will bring in more details in the tooling an on colorways- but overal want to capture the lifestyle. I am posting more tonight that are more zero’d in to what I was planning on.

as for the designs ingeneral- i take sketching an designing like- wherever it takes me I am going to try it- I look at alot of sketches I do am now they will not be used but to have gotten to another Idea I had to do those sketches. They are just apart of the story- an from any of the sketches it leads you to something different. I think since drawing with just pen has helped me really explore more.

Mogus- how you changed the words that decribe the merc. sl series- is true also- an I belive not more or less wrong- an in that alone is a new way to look at it an come up with new things…

haven’t seen the newson chairs before- liking them alot- can see simular shapes- I like the organic flow in his shapes-simple too

I dont kno about and1 an the spinner but here is dada’s spinner:


I ment in your terms not more or less wrong or right- but an interpetation.



some more of my concepts a lil more narrowed in-


set 1

set 2