I’ve recently joined the core community and I must say there are a plethora of information, but I am not sure which are false and which are true.

I 've been reading YO’s posts and he/she is genuinely willing to help those who wants them…

YO would you mind sharing your experiences and be my e-mentor?
I would love to know about the footwear industry + your design experience

sure, post some work.

will do
as soon as i figure out how to post the damn thing
by the way i don’t have anything rock solid on the trainers but i do have some sketches of toasters and some other household appliances
will this do? or do you wish to view something in the lines of footwear?

maybe first post your sketches in the sketching section- an then once you got some footwear drop it in this part of the forum-
imageshack is a great place to host your work an then place the link of the image in the post- i believe in the sketching thread there is a thread on how to post an image-


I agree with Mark, post some of your stuff in the sketching session and Iw ould be more than happy to give you pointers where I can. One of the top threads in that section details how to post an image.