Men's Hair Dryer Concept

Hey guys, here is a project that I did exploring a new concept for men’s hair drying - looking at new forms and interaction experiences that could change the somewhat negative perception that men have about hair drying…especially in a college dorm-type environment.

Here is a rundown of the main features:

  • Slides under the hand and allows drying through the front or bottom vents, depending on the user’s preference.

  • Minimal interface for men’s needs: heat slider control, vent selector switch, and only one (high speed) setting.

  • Included wall/mirror mount allows easy access and utilizes otherwise wasted space.

Definitely one of my more challenging projects…feedback/comments welcome!
New Features Page copy.jpg

Could you post some bigger pictures? It looks great, but I can’t really see very well :slight_smile:

A fellow student of mine is currently doing research on the evolution of the productphases of the hairdryer. He found some men’s hairdryers from the 70’s but it never really took off. However, I do think there’s a market opening the last 1-2 years for men’s grooming, so keep it up :slight_smile:

The lowest picture looks more like a shaving machine. You should watch out with the shapes so it not shaped for something else.

how are you dealing with thermal management in such a small package to ensure the users hand doesn’t get burnt?
Have you mocked something up to ensure for thermal comfort from the user?

Thanks for the feedback guys…

This project was actually done with Hamilton Beach, so part of the brief was to incorporate and push their currently developing technology that they are working on in terms of new heating elements, motors, thermal heat shields, etc…

Chungdha…that form is not by accident, after a pin-up at Hamilton Beach, they wanted to see the product make an allusion to more male-oriented tasks that men are already comfortable doing…i.e. shaving…to try and change the male perspective on conventional hair drying, which can be a challenge.