Men can cook !

Hi, my name is Sin Ee Wang. I am a fourth year industrial design student at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I am conducting a study for my project research on the male user’s behaviour in kitchen and the ways to encourage the male user to participate in cooking.

I am finding ways and means to improve the relationship of the family by prepare their meal together.
any suggestion ? Thanks in advance!

Many men love to barbeque . Get that grill indoors and they will cook. (Bought my husband an indoor, electric table top grill 2 years ago…George Forman Grill. He cooks all the time.)

I think one of the real apeals of this grill is that it cooks the food very quickly so you don’t spend so much time preparing the food. Not as taste as a real grill but much healthier.

See grill here:

never had a girlfriend who could cook. maybe also research how to get women to participate in cooking. barbeque…ha! stereotype. many women with careers cant cook either today. more and more men already cooking. different world today. this isnt the 1950’s. esp in the West. look beyond your own circle. or limit project to researched demographic.

Dear all, once again thanks for your feedback in this discussion! There all very helpful in my study!

I am just curious about how to make a guy more confidence in cooking?

What is the main difference between male and female in cooking? I am surprise that there is 8 out of 10 professional chef are male! (Example like Jamie Oliver, Antonio Carluccio, Rick Stein, Gary Rhodes, Loyd Grossman and etc.)

Can men really cook better than women? If they do, why there is only 49 % of male involve in food preparation and cooking (in Australia)? What is the major reason that men participate in cooking at home (domestic)? Can all the men help me out here as well! :stuck_out_tongue:

I really appreciate your valuable input in this discussion! Have a nice day! :smiley:

“barbeque…ha! stereotype”

Maybe but most of the men I know like to bareque regardless of whether they like to cook inside… BTW I did say “Many men love to barbeque” not only men.

I did not mean to imply that men don’t cook.

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hey sinE,
were you involved in the desiging dining event in milan this year, your school’s spot looked very cool

Nope but thanks for your comments! here s the link check it out! :wink:

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My advice (to you as a student) would be to avoid the pifall of quickly jumping headfirst into ‘product’ solutions. You’ve described a problem/opportunity that’s extremely complex.

Start by looking or identifying some key issues:

  • what market are you solving for (I’d guess a French solution is different than an American solution is different than a Malaysian solution)
  • are you talking about cooking on weekends or cooking during the workweek…there is a HUGE difference in between the two for families
  • what things currently allow ANYbody to avoid cooking (meals ready to eat from the grocer is a big one, at least in the US)

To sum up, your goal as stated is to solve for 3 billion people (men). Your final solutions are likely to be more believable to a potential employer if you limit your target…like less than a billion people.