melting plastic over model

For a project I had to make a pair of scissors. I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to coat a high density model in plastic to coat them or anything of that nature.

Thank you and I am open to other suggestions

You could dissolve some styrofoam cups with acetone. It’s a bit crude but does work.

What is the purpose of what you’re asking?

This might help someone give you a better answer.

e.g. are you looking for a soft touch rubber feel? are you looking to cast an existing pair of scissors in order to duplicate?

Similar to a slush-dip process, you can buy this in some home improvement stores.

Two Options

  1. Make a silicone mold of your part. Then pour Liquid resin in. Kinda time consuming. But you can easily make multiples.

  1. Buy a can of Plasti Dip and spray away. Gives a soft rubbery feel that fools everyone. I used it on some handle mock ups and people thought they were actually made of soft touch rubber. This was with the aerosol version BTW.

I’m thinking plastidip from your description. Don’t rule out making your form in yellow foam/wood and gluing it over your scissors. If it is an appearance model, pick the process that you can do the quickest/cheapest so you work efficiently.

If this is literally what you want to do (and I think you got some good suggestions for alternate methods) the easiest material to work with is called “Jett Sett” - it’s a very low-temp thermoplastic that can be melted by immersion in hot water, and molded by hand around a tool to make an ergonomic handle. It sets up to a hard white plastic resembling HDPE. Jewelers use it to hold onto work that’s irregularly shaped for stone setting- once that’s done, it can be reused indefinitely. Here’s a source:

Andrew Werby