Medion Tablets

I am just getting into design and I am thinking about buying a tablet. I’ve been searching ebay and found some medion tablets for fairly cheap. I know Wacom is probably the best but has any one used a Medion before? If so what are the pros and cons of this brand. The Medion brand isn’t sold in the U.S and it is mainly an item from the U.k.[/b]

actually medion products were released here in the states through aldi’s grocery stores, which is where i picked up my 9x12 for $40, it actually is not that bad if you can deal with the ridiculously inadequate driver that causes the stylus to malfunction and that you restart your computer.

if you can aford a wacom joint get the best one you can afford but if you are on a budget the medion will be serviceable

solo x,

i suggest you not to make any compromises regarding your equipment. The tablet will be your tool. The better it is, the better result u will have. I have a wacom a4 size and it is super! i think that if you can afford an a5 it might be adequate (although a4 i believe is the best size…).