Medical Student Interested in ID

Hey all,

I’m currently a medical student and have recently been getting a huge creativity itch. I’ve always loved drawing and other artistic endeavors, but unfortunately the field of medicine leaves little room to exercise my creative muscle. I’ve recently grown a huge interest in Industrial Design and feel that there are a plethora of devices, instruments, etc in the healthcare field that desperately need to be redesigned with both the patient and healthcare worker in mind.

I know the standard route is to attain a 4 to 5 year education in ID, but at this point, it’s just not possible for me. I’ve got 2 more years left in medical school plus another 3, at least, of specialization. However, I am more than willing to self-teach myself as well as take night/online courses. What I need from you all is advice and concrete steps that I can take to help me realize my goal of becoming a medical ID. From all the other threads I’ve read, the general advice is to start drawing a lot, and while that’s sound and true advice, I’d like something a bit more structured. I’m a bit strapped for time, so I’d like to be as efficient as possible in developing my skills.

Any and all help would be really appreciated. I’ve lurked about here for a while and really respect the community here; so I felt it best to come to you all for advice.


Go to Northwestern.

NUvention, Medical Innovation.