medical stretcher design

hi! i am a design student from india and i have taken human stretcher design as my acedemic project. if any of you have anything to share on this topic, i ll be greatful and will be very helpful.


hoping for replies

lets make stretcher, a better place to lie on and to be carried on
for the person who’s on it.

Hey Vipul,
It would help if you gave a couple of points about the project, because the topic of “human stretchers” is extremely broad.

  1. What type of stretcher you are talking about (wheeled, no wheels, mountain rescue stretcher, etc.)?

  2. Who do you envision using this stretcher. Paramedics, rescue workers, civilians maybe in times of disaster (flood, earthquake, etc.)?

  3. How many people will be operating it? Two person team, or perhaps a one person wheeled “rickshaw” type stretcher.

I think everyone will probably end up on a stretcher at some time in their life, so it’s definitely an important product to continually be reconsidering.

Let’s discuss,

or at very least at the END of your life :wink:


Haha, true.

hey vipul,
apart from above you will also require anthropometric data.

check it out: