Medical project in concept

hey guys,

I showed here 2 concept sketches for a medical instruments project that wear on the wrist for detecting heart rate. You could view more projects by the link on the images.

Thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:

It is hard for us to give you feedback based on two sketches. Can you show is some process work? Research? How it is used?

The only feedback I can give you is that they are nice sketches. Let’s see more!!

How does it work? Is it worn on the backside of the wrist?

Hi guys,

Thanks for your quick feedback for this project. Actually these two sketch is not final look since of copyright, they are
concept process works as a topic reference. I plus one research image below for a brief explaination to you, hope that
it could help you a little bit to understand the function and how to use it.

Thanks for your comments again. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. Either you are designing a holter monitor (portable EKG) or a heart monitor (what athletes use).

If it is a holter, what is the part that goes on the wrist? If it is a wireless data collector, why would you have that in addition to the monitor that is attached to the leads? The monitors have built in memory, why the extra wrist piece? And the hard part of a holter design is putting the leads in the proper position. What have you done on that end?

If it is a heart monitor, is it for kids? Seems to be a small market to me.

Hi iab, thanks for your feedback.
This instrument is a heart rate monitor with USB connector. Sorry that I cannot disclose more details as for the Non-disclosure Agreement.
But welcome to give me more ideas about how to better present design effect at the sketch stage.

I’m curious, what does this device tell you?

Current HRMs all have a digital readout so you can monitor your heart rate as you do your activities. Athletes do this to optimize their workouts. When you are done, you can review your average rate, rate range and duration if you like.

From your drawings, this has no digital display and it is for children. What for what purpose is the stored data used?