medical/hospital furniture design history

hi…if anyone know links abt medical /hospital furniture design history and contact of designers who r designing these kind of furnitures now adays soo plz tell me…thnx

What type of furniture are you specifically referring to? Are you inquiring about the casegoods, chairs, or about the design of the actual medical equipment?

I have been working with a group that designs chairs that will be marketed toward the hospital and laboratry industry, but were not solely designed for that market.

What would you like to know?

We also can provide some furniture of this kind, but we have to know exactly what you are looking for. Your message is quite ambiguous and we have to clear what you have in mind. You can contact us and see if our furniture collections are what you are looking for. Without knowing what you have in mind, I can’t tell you that we can do it.

hospital furniture or the HEALTHCARE furniture is typically made by the same manufacturers of contract office furniture.

there are certain special considerations for this market: bariatrics, ergonomics for the disabled or elderly, antibacterial features, ease of restoration (cleaning), etc.

herman miller makes a shit-ton of trays, mobile carts and storage cabinets for the healthcare market. some manufacturers go so far as to make their equipment autoclave safe.

if you are referring to guerneys, look at stryker and other medical companies of that sort.

my experience in healthcare furniture has been in rocker chairs, porta-sleepers, guest seating, and institution-safe (mental institutions and prisons). i did a craptacular stretcher in college for a stryker-sponsored project.