medical equipment design for graduates

hello group :slight_smile:

i’ve graduated a year ago with 1st class in id (uk). i also have a medical degree earned back in russia and i have a strong desire (and confidence) to design medical equipment/systems. is there any specific approach i should take to get into the gear?

any help highly appreciated.

Yay! Russians are coming!

As you just said, you got a medical degree and an ID one, with that you can approach any company that specializes in medical equipment. You might need to translate your Russian diploma, if they don’t believe your word… but you definitely got a competitive edge in that field. Do some medical equipment related projects if you didn’t do that already at school…and off you go.

I know I am not too helpful, I just wanted to express my joy to see another Russian expat…doing ID.

cheerz :smiley:

thanks for that ! never thought about translating my med diploma but i can see the point…will do that. i’ve done couple of med.eq. related projects @ uni (here is the one its not alot but i’ll generate some more whilst on a hunt. have to improve my sketching alongside anyway.

cpasibo :smiley: