Medical Device Companies

Can someone name drop a few medical device companies in the USA? Perhaps something focused on the design aspect of medical devices?

Having an office specifically in Chicago would be great as well.

Worrell in MN is an industrial design company-only know them because i live here.
I see ads every so often.
not familiar enough with the medical side for any other place

…and funny that the previous poster should mention a Minneapolis-based firm.

After spending 7 years on the east coast, I recently moved back to Minneapolis to join into partnership at a medically-focused discovery, design and development company called Pulse Innovation (

We are the only medically-focused consultant group in town, and we work with most of the big companies in town - Boston Scientific, St.Jude Medical, and to a lesser degree, Medtronic. We’ve also worked with a lot of start ups as well as the U of M.

Minneapolis is a tremendous area for medical product development. The 800lb. gorilla, Medtronic, is local and it quite an outfit. The market here is similar in size to the Genetics market of the east coast (Boston, NY and NJ) and the west coast surgical manufacturers.

Now, for the shameless part;if you are at all interested, drop by our website and drop us a line if you want to touch base.

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stryker medical in kalamazoo, mi