Mechanism Help Brainstorm


I’m looking for ideas for securing a removable battery to a product housing. I’m looking for ideas on mechanical locking mechanisms. These are the requirements:

**- Battery needs to sit flush inside master

  • Battery needs to be reasonably secure (requiring a release.)
  • Mechanism will be used frequently as the battery needs charging between each usage.**

My ideas:

  • Integrating a sprung plastic feature like you see on remote control hatch.
  • Copying the mechanism you might see on rechargeable batteries. Adding metal springs components in.

I know this is vague but if any can help i’d be very appreciative.



Build the battery into a battery cover door you see on any remote.

Go take a look at home depot to see how rechargeable tools hold the batteries or toys r us. Also look at old cell phones when you were able to change the batteries.

But asking a very specific question like this without any background information is a bit limiting. Why not share a bit more about how it’s used and why it has to be flush all around.

Have a look at the Leica T battery mechanism. There are no doors as the bottom of the battery has the same finish as the rest of the camera.

Thanks for your help everyone! I’ve now got a few more ideas to work through.