Mechanical Skull


I started this model as a final project in 1st year of Design & Drafting with about 4 months of light Inventor experience. Needless to say the modeling was a bit over my head at the time, but I think it turned out quite well (minus the fluctuating fillet radii).

Come 2nd year, I am now texturing and animating this skull with about 4 months of light 3ds max experience.

Just thought I’d post for everyone to see and possibly get some CC.


I would have liked to worked on the materials a lot more but I had to balance image quality vs. render time so I can meet the assignments due date. The reason for the dark background is that I’m rendering a fly around for about 1200 frames and wish to keep the lighting quite dark as it follows the contours of the skull while the mechanical parts animate. I merely zoomed the camera out at a shot and took a still frame for this one.

The metal was a custom material based off an existing one, with a bump map applied. The gold foil is Autodesk default.