mechanical enginnering + art major?

Hey all,
I’m currently going to uconn, who does not have ID. I was thinking about doing a double major of art and engineering. If I did this, would I be able to get ID jobs?


Probably not.

Design education is much more then understanding what makes something pretty (art) and what makes something work (engineering).

It’s about learning to understand user needs through research, develop and refine concepts, then understand technologies and production methods that bring those things to life. It’s also about shaping your views as a designer, learning to collaborate, and building a portfolio to promote yourself upon graduation.

I might suggest trying to finish up your liberal arts classes where you are now then transfering to a school with an ID focus if thats what you want to do. An art and engineering double major would be VERY labor intensive (up all night painting only to wake up and go study thermodynamics) and still wouldn’t give you a portfolio.

Okay, thank you.
I’m definitely going to apply to other schools, but I’m just scared I won’t get in (I’m applying to RISD and Pratt, and looking for others in the north east, any suggestions?), so I was thinking of doing the double major as a back up plan.

Think of it this way: Why would an employer who needs someone with an ID degree hire someone with 2 degrees they don’t need when they have their pick of recent graduates in ID from around the world?

If you want to stay in the North East, also look at Syracuse, RIT, and pop over to Ohio and you have CIA, UC, and CCAD… skip the U Conn app.

pick a school with an ID program like Purdue